Resources: Health Disparities were shown to be connected to Mountaintop Removal

Our team and our community members have participated in scientific studies that have given us reports on the devastating effects of mountaintop removal on human health.

  • The Health Impacts of Mountaintop Removal Mining PDF
  • Birth defects study: More inconvenient facts about the impact of mountaintop removal coal mining LINK
  • New study details strip mining air pollution LINK
  • W.Va. DEP’s Huffman: Strip-mine health studies deserve ‘closer look’ LINK
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  • Nobody wants to hear about studies that link mountaintop removal to cancer and birth defects LINK
  • Mountaintop Removal Linked to Birth Defects in Appalachia’s Coal Country LINK
  • Coal’s costs: Here is the study LINK
  • Bombshell study: MTR impacts ‘pervasive and irreversible’ LINK
  • Coal’s Assault on Human Health LINK
  • The Effects of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining on Mental Health, Well-Being, and Community Health in Central Appalachia PDF
  • Before Black Lung, The Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster Killed Hundreds LINK