The Appalachians

The Appalachians is a three hour film on the history of the Appalachians and its people told in story and song.

The Appalachian mountains have been called America’s “first frontier”. The story of the brave pioneers who settled this great wilderness is the story of America: immigration, settlement, the Revolution and Civil wars, the growth of industry and the use and abuse of land. In addition, Appalachia has had a great impact on American music, folklore and culture, giving birth to what we know today as country music. 

Appalachia has always played a critical role in American history. It has been closely tied to the nation’s economic fate—in particular thr rollercoaster cycles of boom and bust with coal, timber and steel. The cultural fabric of the nation has been deeply interwoven with the music, literature, and the art of the mountain people. This film explores the social/ economic history, and the soundtrack is filled with traditional music.

The film includes interviews with Loretta lynn and the last interview with Johnny and Rosanne Cash. The Appalachians airs on PBS. You can watch Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

Coal Country

Coal Country reveals the truth about modern coal mining. The story is told by the people directly involved, both working miners and activists who are battling the coal companies in Appalachia. Tensions are high. It’s a “new civil war”, as families and communities are deeply split over mountaintop removal mining (MTR). The tops of mountains are blasted away, exposing seams of coal, while debris is pushed into valleys and streams. Residents endure health problems, dirty water in their wells, dust and grime in the air. The miners are frightened that, without MTR, they’ll lose their jobs and won’t be able to feed their families.
What does this mean for America and the rest of the world? The coal industry is spending millions to promote what it calls “clean coal”. Is it achievable?  At what cost? Coal country aired on Discovery Planet Green.

For a limited time, you can watch the entire film online here.

Watch the Coal Country Trailer

Blood on the Mountain

Blood on the Mountain is a searing investigation into the economic and environmental injustices that have resulted from coal country control in West Virginia. It is also the history of Labor in America. 

This feature documentary details the struggles of a hard-working, misunderstood people, who have historically faced limited choices and have never fully benefited from the rich, natural resources of their land. Blood on the Mountain delivers a striking portrait of a fractured population, exploited and besieged by corporate interests, and abandoned by the powers elected to represent them
Blood on the Mountain won many awards including an Emmy nomination.  It aired on Netflix.

For a limited time, you can watch the entire film below, and on Vimeo.

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